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‘Health for All’ will encourage more people to undergo healthcare checkups : Amol Naikawadi


Mr. Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus

"Overall, the health market players may not be too happy since there
aren't any major reforms announced for the entire health industry. We
have again failed to make government realize that it is of great  importance to
address the increasing health issues. Various non-communicable and
communicable diseases are taking toll which affects the nation's
health and overall growth.

The free diagnosis services under 'Health for All' will encourage more
people to undergo healthcare checkups which will further help in early
diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The opening of AIIMS and 12
medical colleges will ensure better medical facilities, tertiary care
and trained medical professionals but this however may solve sectoral
problem only. Nationally the concern for health can?t be addressed
with this number. Increased GDP allocation on healthcare will make
good healthcare services almost affordable to the lower income groups.
This would also include spending more on public health services and
making health insurance available to all.  The tax benefit offered in
general will be of a great help for the disposable income earners to
invest in preventive healthcare.

Increase of tax by 60 -70% on cigarette will decrease the consumption
rate, hence the risk of cancer can be reduced due to smoking and
tobacco consumption.

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