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Want to become rich? Here are some rules & habits to follow

No one becomes wealthy by accident. You have to be determined to do the right things to create wealth. Since it starts with mindsets, I suggest that you should reject these three common, yet costly, habits.

1) Postponement -

“I can’t afford to invest... Read More


India’s strong fundamentals will lead the INR to fare better than peers

The outcome of the recent US FOMC meet was along the expected lines. FOMC raised the Fed funds rate by 25 bps and now sees three hikes in 2017 on account of strengthening labor market and inflation gradually approaching the policy target... Read More

Tax Solution

Approaching an optimized tax solution

The run for submitting the proofs to save tax starts the moment you receive a mail from your HR on the deadline. That is the time one realizes that there is more that could have been done to save tax... Read More

Asheer Kapoor, Managing Director at EPPS Infotech Pvt Ltd

GST to be major test of Digital India success

Two dates, two significant announcements -- on July 1, 2015, the Prime Minister launched the Digital India programme with the objective of creating a participative, transparent and responsive government... Read More

Life Insurance myths

Life Insurance Myths to understand before buying a product

Misconceptions about life insurance prevent people from taking advantage of this product

You must start early: Getting insured early in life means your family’s financial future is secured... Read More

market watch

The market will move better with improvement in income

Economy experts are expecting a growth of 0.10 -0.20 percent growth in GDP this year. One of the key factors this year is better monsoon which will increase rural consumption.

If we refer to investment or capital expenditure, we find that private sec... Read More


Make your parents proud of you

A child’s relationship with his or her parents is perhaps one of the most unique relationships that ever existed or will ever exist. Children look up to their parents for most answers in life... Read More

Sakalmoney News on Aviation Policy

Aviation policy levels the runway

On June 15, 2016, the Union Cabinet unveiled the much-awaited final civil aviation policy, announcing relaxation of overseas flying norms and boosting regional connectivity... Read More

Inflation News by Niveza

Economy First Cut

Inflation jumped up to 5.4% in April from 4.8% last month on the back of higher food inflation. Core inflation also inched up
to 5.2% led by rising housing and clothing & footwear inflation... Read More

Business, Investment, share market

We are entering into a better earnings cycle

After two bad years, expectations of good monsoons should come as a shot in the arm to the Indian economy, which has been through its share of sluggishness in the past.

However, the effect would take its time to come through in the system... Read More