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Tax Savings Alternatives

A good tax-saving investment must be an investment first and a tax-saver later. There are a number of schemes available to reduce your tax liability... Read More

MF services


After Reading this, you will be conversant with

  • Service provisions of Mutual funds
  • Investor oriented scope of Mutual funds
  • AMFI

Financial Mutual Funds Launch schemes to cater to the need of the different categories of investors... Read More

Mutual Fund, Inflow, Asset Base, January

Mutual fund market

After Reading this, you will be conversant with

  • Objectives and types of Mutual Funds
  • Investment motives of various types
  • Advantages of mutual fund investments
  • NAV calculation


The concept of Mutual Fund is not new... Read More

long term investing

Importance of long term investing in Equity Markets

We keep on talking about investing for long term but how much time is long term?
Everybody has his own definition for long term and short term and mid term duration of investing.
But this fellow Warren Buffet has described it so well... Read More


It is a form of business organization. In the legal field, a company is specifically "a corporation -- or, less commonly, an association, partnership, or union -- that carries on a commercial or industrial enterprise... Read More