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mutual fund

Mutual Fund Investing: Simple but Not Easy?

By: Rohan Samant, CA; and Mansi Desai

Dalbar, a Boston based analytics group has been studying the US markets for over 20 years and they have been publishing reports which compare the performance of an average Mutual Fund investor as compared to the... Read More

reliance mutual fund

Market Review and Outlook2016 – Reliance Mutual Fund

The year so far has seen India consolidating its position as one of the most attractive investment destination across the globe... Read More

suhas.rajderkar, Suhas Rajderkar (Senior Investment Consultant)

Mutual Funds-Complete Investment Solution: Suhas Rajderkar

Today, 45 Mutual Funds are operational in India, with Rs 12 lac crores worth Asset Under Management (AUM) of which almost Rs 4 lac crores are in Equity segment... Read More

Close Ended Equity Funds

 Arvind Paranjape

Every investor attempts to “buy low and sell high” in the share market to make a profit. However, the continuously rising share market is not giving much opportunity to invest. BSE senesex was 21000 in Jan 2008... Read More


Ab Ki Baar….Tis Hazar…Do you agree and should investors increase their allocation to Equity?

In the long run, it is not the index level that matters, but the time that you put on your side and stay invested

in the markets is what could give you maximum returns. Equities as an asset class is seen to outperform all

other asset classes over the... Read More