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Live a stress free life


Dr. S Prakash, Chief Executive Officer, Star Health Insurance

Do you have trouble getting sleep? Do you often feel anxious or depressed? Are you stressed with timelines set to complete your tasks at work? Are you seeing your friends and family less frequently? Or are you forgetting your daily

If yes, you are stressed. We have all felt stress at some point in our lives, be it at the age of six when you are first going to school, be it at the age of sixteen when you are giving your first board exam, to making a career and once you start your own family. Stress commonly defined by Merriam- Webster is “a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation”. It is a feeling where you are overloaded with work or pressure and are struggling to manage with demanding timelines, it can sometimes be positive, motivate you to fulfill your tasks giving your best or can be negative which can lead to chronic illnesses
such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, depression, anxiety, obesity

According to Optum’s study on Health Risk Assessment 2016, 46% workforce in urban India suffer from stress. In this fast pace life, it is necessary to give yourself a break by finding ways to reduce anxiety and stress by practicing yoga, zumba and other breathing exercises. Abstain from beverages such as alcohol and caffeine. It is advisable to avoid nicotine, illegal drugs and unhealthy food and ensure that you get adequate sleep so that your body and mind are rejuvenated. The preventions and treatments to lead a stress free life have been reiterated through the years; therefore, it is essential for you to be ‘Stress Insured’.

A Lancet journal study reveals that stress is creating tremendous pressure leading to heart attacks and other major cardiovascular diseases. People living in cities are more prone to heart attacks than in villages and as the years are passing, the attacks amongst youngsters are increasing. According to the Indian Heart Association, 50% of heart attacks occur in Indians under 50 years and 25% occur under 40 years of age. Hence, availing a health insurance policy, that covers the risks of cardiac-related ailments is essential.

Buying the right health insurance policy leads to a stress-free life too. One should opt for policies that cater to their personal and financial needs.  While choosing a policy one must look at a cardiac policy that covers any person aged 10 years to 65 years, the policy should also inculcate patient’s pre and post hospitalization expenses along with ambulance services and all procedures performed under day-care in a networked hospital upto 7 years after undergoing any cardiac intervention / procedure (Angiogram, Angioplasty, PTCA, Coronary Stenting, CABG).

There is always a risk of critical illnesses to happen again. The trauma of the surgery and the financial burden is only known to those who have already undergone the treatment. Such people are still worried of the fact that a heart attack is likely to occur again. But cheer up and don’t stress. There are companies who offer a dedicated plan in order to cater to the needs of the patient who have undergone angioplasty and bypass surgery in the preceding 2 to 3 years and covers pre-existing diseases as well. They also cover accidental death and offer outpatient benefits.

One can also avail critical illness cover that offers financial protection against illnesses such as a heart attack, cancer, chronic kidney disease, brain tumour, stroke, organ transplants etc. The only condition is that it must be a first-time diagnosis incident in life. Such policies cover in-patient hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges and pre and post hospitalization expenses.

It is been said that India witnesses over two million heart attacks a year majority being youngsters. It can also result from personal issues that eventually lead to depression and health issues that can lead to unforeseen deaths. This is mainly due to lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, relationship difficulties, lack of sleep, financial burden, access use of mobile phones etc. A healthy heart is a key to healthy and disease free life. The procedures to treat your heart become heavy on the pocket. Hence, it is essential to buy a suitable health insurance that will ensure coverage for you and your family during unforeseen circumstances. And also insure yourself against sudden financial expenditures which can be incurred through illness related to stress.

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