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CBDT Issues Norms For Faster Refund In Pending Tax Demand Cases

Tax Refund, Income tax return
Mumbai: The income-tax refund process is getting streamlined. Tax authorities plan to speed up cases of refunds in cases where a prior demand has been contested by the assessee.
The new internal guidelines have called for a speedier refund of up to Rs 5000 in new cases against an existing and older demand pending.
The CBDT has said that in cases where the tax payer has contested a demand, a reminder would be issued to tax officers to either confirm or modify the demand within 30 days. In cases where the demand is not contested, The Central Processing Centre will issue a reminder to the tax payer to submit a response within 30 days asking assesses to agree or disagree with the demand.
CBDT has directed its CPC based in Bengaluru that refunds should be made without any adjustments of outstanding arrears of up to Rs 5000. The move is likely to provide a relief to small tax payers.
The CBDT has also clarified that in case there is no response by the Assessing Officer then the CPC would issue a refund without any adjustment. In cases where the tax payer has not responded to the reminder notice from CPC, the demand would be adjusted against the refund, along with interest, and balance refund, if any, will be issued to the tax payer.

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