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Latest News:

CDSL launches ‘m-Voting’, a mobile app for e-Voting


Mumbai: Central Depository Services (India) Limited [CDSL] has launched a mobile app for e-voting called ‘m-Voting’. This m-Voting app enables Android based smart phone users to cast their vote on company resolutions even while they are on the move. m-Voting can also be used for voting at the AGM/EGM venue. The m-Voting app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android based phones, while the app for iPhone and Windows Phone would be released shortly and can be downloaded from the App Store and Windows Phone Store, respectively.

CDSL is also introducing a Single Sign On facility for e-Voting which enables clients of registered Proxy Advisory Firms, Depository Participants and stock brokers to vote directly from their registered login. Both facilities, m-Voting and Single Sign On, are currently being offered free of cost to investors.

CDSL’s internet based e-Voting Platform enables shareholders to vote online at a place and time of their convenience. The e-Voting Platform can be used to conduct voting at AGMs / EGMs (including Venue Voting), Postal Ballots and other meetings thus obviating the need for shareholders to be physically present at the venue of the meeting to participate in the decision making process of companies. CDSL was the 1st company to introduce e-Voting in the country in November 2009 and has currently signed over 4,250 companies for its e-Voting facility, of which, 3,800 companies have used the CDSL system for 8,215 e-voting events till date.

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