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Forex reserve at record high of $365.82 billion

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MUMBAI: Country's forexexchange reserves surged by US $73.2 million to touch a life-time high of US $365.82 billion in the week to August 12, helped by increase in foreign currency assets, the Reserve Bank said today.

In the previous week, the reserves had increased by US $253.6 million to touch USD 365.75 billion.

Foreign currency assets (FCAs), a major component of the overall reserves increased by US $81.6 million to US $340.36 billion.

FCAs, expressed in dollar terms, include the effect of appreciation/depreciation of non-US currencies such as euro, pound and yen held in the reserves.

Gold reserves remain unchanged at US $21.58 billion.

The country's special drawing rights with International Monetary Fund declined by US $3.2 million to US $1.49 billion, while the reserve position was down by US $5.2 million to US $2.39 billion, RBI said.

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