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Jet Airways introduces in-flight entertainment streaming service

Jet Airways, Financial results

Mumbai: Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, today announced the introduction of an in-flight entertainment (IFE) streaming service that will redefine the way the airline’s guests view onboard content

The service enables wireless streaming of movies, TV programmes, a wide genre of music, interactive games, and children’s programmes directly onto guests’ Wi-Fi enabled personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops on Jet Airways flights.

Jet Airways has developed the new system in collaboration with Global Eagle Entertainment Inc, a global leader in media content, technology and connectivity solutions to the travel industry.

The streaming service will be introduced on the Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft in the Jet Airways fleet starting from the second quarter of 2016. The airline further plans to upgrade from a streaming service to a full broadband satellite connectivity in the future, (subject to regulatory approvals), allowing guests to enjoy services such as internet surfing, e-mail, social media, connecting flight information, instant messaging, real time travel services and destination deals.

Jet Airways will offer the unique features in phases with a user-friendly, interactive interface, enabling guests to stream their selection from the wide range of multilingual content available onboard.

Once the service is fully rolled out, guests will be able to enjoy a high quality library of audio/video content, a state-of-the-art 3D flight tracker, interactive games, and have access to a wide range of destination information.

Gaurang Shetty, Senior Vice President - Commercial, Jet Airways, said: “Jet Airways has constantly innovated to adopt new age technologies to enhance the guest experience. This best-in-class, customer-focused initiative will provide superior entertainment and communication options to guests and we are confident it will set new benchmarks by delivering high quality, global entertainment content to guests’ personal devices.”

Wale Adepoju, Chief Commercial Officer, GEE said: “GEE is honoured to expand our long-term partnership with Jet Airways, an innovative airline keenly focused on elevating the guest experience and a true leader across the exciting Asian region. By deploying GEE’s AIRTIME IFE streaming solution across its growing fleet, Jet Airways can deliver a broad range of entertainment content to passenger’s personal devices with an eye on full blown satellite connectivity aboard future flights.”

The new futuristic IFE streaming system, will offer guests an unparalleled experience with Hi-Definition content and a robust collection of titles. This wireless entertainment system is set to delight guests of all ages with an exciting range of movies (Bollywood, Hollywood, regional and international), famous TV shows and series, music to suit every mood and taste,  multiple sports feeds, video games and other informative content.

The adaptive video streaming technology will ensure that the best possible video quality is played automatically and is optimised according to the device being used by guests onboard.

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