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Science is universal, but technology must be local: Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday that she wanted Britain to become a global standard bearer of free trade, saying more investment and fewer barriers to trade between it and India would boost prosperity.

“We want Britain to be the most committed and passionate advocate of free trade in the world,” Ms. May told an India-U.K. Tech Summit in New Delhi.

Ms. May said India and the U.K. must help each other break down barriers. "We are helping India improve its ease of doing business but I am determined to go further," she added.

Mr. Modi said the India-UK bilateral trade has remained the same in the last five years and India is the third-largest investor in the U.K. He also asserted that 'Make in India' would be a key aspect in the cooperation, saying, "science is universal, but technology must be local."

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