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Secure your holiday with travel insurance

travel insurance

Dr. Jaideep DevareManaging Director, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd.

There is more to a holiday than applying for a visa, booking tickets and flying off . There is travel insurance, which protects you from unforeseen circumstances and enables you to enjoy your hard-earned vacation with peace of mind.

Once you buy travel insurance, make sure all your papers are in order and safely tucked away in the bottom of your suitcase.

Here are a few things to remember before you ride off:

  • ·         If you are jotting down your packing list, be sure to include all relevant documents related to your travel insurance policy. It will help you reach out to the insurance provider without hiccups.
  • ·         Document everything on your cellphone. Take a picture of your bag and its contents while packing. In the event you lose your baggage or if it is stolen, it will be easier for you to share a list of your possessions with your insurance provider.
  • ·         In the event of a mishap or unfortunate incident, notify your insurance provider within the time mentioned in the policy. Reach out to the company’s call centre or customer service and inform them about unforeseen events like trip cancellation, travel delays, baggage loss or delay, missed flights and medical emergencies.
  • ·         When you call the insurer, be sure to furnish as many details of the event or incident as you can. Following this, you can fill out the claim form sent by the insurer or download it and fill the relevant data.

Proof of loss, delay or illness is essential when filing a claim against travel insurance. This includes police reports in case of theft or any other crime; written statement from the airline regarding loss of bag or baggage; medical statements in case you sought medical care on the trip.

If you follow these simple rules while packing for your trip, and even after you have reached your destination, you won’t face any problems during an emergency. More importantly, you will be well-prepared to file a claim and reap the full benefits of travel insurance.

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