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Latest News:

Suzlon continues to outperform in the transition year


Key Highlights:

  • ·         Delivered 316 MW in Q3 FY18; 844 MW in 9 month (9M) FY18 even in a subdued market
  • ·         Revenue at Rs 2,204 crores in Q3; 9M at Rs 6,056 crores
  • ·         Q3 FY18 EBITDA (Pre-fx)  at Rs 247 crores  (11.2% margin); 9M FY18 EBITDA (Pre-fx) at Rs 829 crores (13.7% margin)
  • ·         $58 million Overseas Debt Repayment till Feb 2018; $76 million FCCBs converted till Feb’18
  • ·         Total order backlog of 1,132MW as on date

J.P. Chalasani, Group CEO, Suzlonsaid“The domestic wind market is on the path to grow significantly in the competitive bidding regime and increased demand for clean energy, which has now become a reliable and mainstream source of energy.  We are confident that the industry will regain the momentum as there is clear business visibility of ~7.5 GW even before the start of the next financial year. Suzlon is well positioned to capitalize on the market opportunities with our technologically advanced products, 14 manufacturing facilities, vertically integrated operations, pan-India presence and best-in-class service capabilities. We will continue to innovate and introduce next-generation turbines which will ensure higher energy yield and unlock even the low-wind sites. Going forward, we will remain focused on maintaining our cost competitiveness by leveraging India as the manufacturing hub. We will also focus on select profitable and high margin international markets.”


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