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TCS Remote Energy Management Solution wins 2016 IoT Award for Connected Building

TCS , Global Leader, Card Management and Transaction Processing, Celent

MUMBAI: Tata Consultancy Services, (TCS) a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced today that its Remote Energy Management Solution (REMS) has received the 2016 IoT Evolution Connected Home and Building Award from IoT Evolution magazine, a leading magazine covering IoT technologies. TCS is the only global IT services organization to win the Connected Building category Award.

TCS Remote Energy Management Solution is a smart, scalable, analytics-driven energy monitoring and management solution that helps organizations optimize their energy usage and enhance their efficiencies in operations of facilities. It provides real time visibility for organizations on their energy consumption.

Deployed in TCS in more than 100 of its facilities, which host more than 280,000 employees, across over 30 million square feet, it enables round-the-clock monitoring of energy consumption. TCS Connected Universe Platform - an IoT based platform – serves as the backbone to the solution to manage information from separate sources (sensors, metering devices, and so on) over different communication protocols. REMS has enabled TCS’ eco-sustainability vision to ensure continued business growth with no commensurate increase in the organization’s power consumption.

TCS REMS has received IoT Evolution Magazine’s Connected Home and Building Award for its innovative solution in the area of building energy management,

“The solutions selected for the IoT Evolution Connected Home and Building Award reflect innovation driving the fast-growing Internet of Things marketplace. It is my honor to congratulate TCS for their innovative work and contribution to this rapidly evolving industry,” said Carl Ford, CEO of Crossfire Media, a co-publisher of IoT Evolution Magazine.

“It is my pleasure to recognize TCS Remote Energy Management Solution, an innovative solution that earned TCS the 2016 IoT Evolution Connected Home and Building Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). “I look forward to seeing more innovation from TCS in the future.”

TCS Chief Technology Officer, K Ananth Krishnan, said, “TCS Remote Energy Management Solution is built on the innovative TCS Connected Universe Platform. REMS uses a self-learning, self-optimized machine-learning based algorithm to detect anomalies and aberrations in energy consumption, triggering quick corrective action. The award recognizes the novel way in which TCS applies IoT for the benefit of customers across industries.”

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