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Ureproduction hits record 245 lakh tonne in 2015-16

Urea Production

New Delhi: India has achieved a record production of urea at 245 lakh tonnes (lt) – 20 lt more than last year.

“This has happened for the first time after Independence,” Fertiliser Minister Ananth Kumar said here on Thursday, adding that “there is no shortage of the fertiliser in the country.”

Complimenting fertiliser companies, both in the public and private sectors, for the higher output, Kumar said soon India would be able reduce import dependence for urea to 60-65 lt against 80 lt being imported at present.

“In fact, in the next two-three years, we should not only try to become 100 per cent self-reliant in urea, but also become a fertiliser-exporting nation,” he said, adding that more research was need to further increase output, such as coal gasification being used by China. The higher urea output follows a major policy intervention by the Centre last year to supply gas at uniform prices to all fertiliser plants through a pooling mechanism.

“The additional production has not only helped in saving foreign exchange but also import substitution,” a Ministry statement read, adding that the increased production of urea was “equivalent to production capacity of almost two new urea plants without any additional investment.”

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