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Tough times; Stay Invested, say experts

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Turmoil in Global Market has reflected in Indian Markets as well, because of which our markets have witnessed deep panic in recent times. Going ahead as well our patience will be tested so plan your investments accordingly.

Globally, well known Investors follow a theory of Investing in Panic/weak markets, so that shares can be acquired at lucrative prices and yield abnormal returns. We should, also follow Investing strategy of these veteran players and convert this panic scenario into a God Given Opportunity. In current scenario it is very obvious that there is scarcity of liquidity, so the object of this write up is to guide investors on how to use the current situation without investing new fund. We, all have been holding a portfolio out of which several stocks have underperformed the markets by remaining idle for years or yielding negative returns by huge margin. So, it’s always better to reshuffle/Switch from such stocks. Invest in new ideas, where we can expect higher returns in coming time.e.g In this scenario, say we are holding shares / portfolio, which might yield a return of 12 % in a given time, if we see an opportunity by investing into new shares( reshuffling ) where the yield might be 18 % , we should go ahead and use the opportunity and switch.

We should be practical enough and always keep in mind that emotions have to be kept aside while investing. This practical approach of reshuffling can help us achieve our goals of investing in the markets. Reshuffling is done by all players in the market, time-to-time.

Quarterly results of most of the companies are out and coupled with market fall prices of many good shares have corrected. WE feel the Risk – Return ratio in these shares looks good, hence highlighting few shares.

Stock Idea --------------- CMP--------------- Industry
TataMotors  ---------------299.00  ---------------Automobiles
Maruti ---------------3549.00 --------------- Automobiles.
Axis Bank --------------- 391.00  ---------------Private Banks
Apollo Tyres --------------- 148.00  ---------------Auto Ancilliary
Inox Wind  ---------------245.00  ---------------Wind Energy
Jubilant Life --------------- 306.00  ---------------Pharma
HDIL --------------- 58.00  ---------------Construction
Ajmera Realty --------------- 115.00 --------------- Construction
Kwality Ltd.  ---------------85.00  ---------------Dairy.
LUX Industries --------------- 2860.00  ---------------Textile

Stocks have been selected from across the sectors. Also, we should affix a particular return in mind and should not hesitate to book profits when the same is achieved. We should have at least a time horizon of 2 years to let these stocks perform. The time frame will also help us digest the current negative scenario in the market. Always Remember, Patience will be tested in markets.

(Disclaimer:- The author might have recommended the same stocks to its clients and it is always advisable to consult your financial advisor before investing.)

Ritesh R Muthiyan
 Shriniwas M Jakhotia
(Equibulls Financial services)


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