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India’s first Calcium Count app-#CountYourCalcium with Calcimeter

mobile app

Mumbai: While women have always been considered as the backbone of their families, it is surprising that they don’t feel the need to start taking care of their own bone health early in life. To create awareness about bone health among women in India, GSK’s Ostocalcium has launched Calcimeter, the first app in India designed to measure the only Daily Calcium Intake and comparing it with the Daily Calcium Requirement as suggested by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR, 2010). #CountYourCalcium is an easy yet effective way for women to keep a check on their Daily Calcium Intake.

According to The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), 1 in 3 women over age 50 is at risk of experiencing osteoporotic fractures*. After the age of 30 years, bones can start losing Calcium, which the daily diet may not be able to replenish. 50% Indian women do not meet their daily calcium requirement. ^ Calcimeter, simply takes the age, life stage condition (Normal/Pregnancy/Menopause/Lactation) to define your daily Calcium requirement. Then you need to fill your food intake throughout the day, which gives your Calcium intake through those food items and compare it with your requirement. So, with the comfort of sitting at home or office women can easily calculate and understand whether they are Calcium sufficient or not. The app makes this highly personalized, as it is based on individual food inputs.

Commenting on this Mr. Prashant Pandey, Head of Marketing for Nutritional & Digestive Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “Calcium deficiency leads to a high risk of Osteoporosis which impacts 1 in every 3 women in India. With the Calcimeter, our objective is to encourage women to take a simple test to #CountYourCalcium and assess if they are at that risk. Ostocalcium is a simple, convenient solution to help maintain good bone health.”  Ostocalcium tasty chewable tablets, contain Calcium and Vitamin D which help in replenishing your daily requirement of calcium”

In addition to the Calcimeter, Ostocalcium has launched a new television commercial to help consumers understand the importance of Calcium intake and the implications of weak bone health in the longer run. The TVC shows how a young woman is visiting her mother with her twin children for the first time. While the grandmother is delighted to see her grandchildren, she is unable to pick them up due to her weak bones. The TVC has been designed around the simple insight of highlighting the importance of having strong bones inlife, so that you can continue being as active in future as today.

Talking about the new TVC, Amit Nandwani, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett said, “Women start losing Calcium post 30 and by the time its effects are felt, it is too late. To give them a wakeup call at the right time, we wanted to deliver the message in a hard-hitting, yet endearing manner. The beauty of this film is that it achieves both by engaging the target audience at an emotional level without adopting a preachy tone”

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